ATLIS 2015 Day 1

ATLIS 2015Today, we had an amazing opportunity to share and  present with two other amazing educators today at the Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools 2015 in San Francisco (April 16th and 17th).   My colleague Krista Inchausti and I did a shared presentation with Dr. Julie McLeod and John Umekubo on Culture, Environment and Meaning: Critical Issues for Maker Spaces. 

Our Schools of the Sacred Heart, San Francisco represented very well as we had two other colleagues presenting.  Our amazing Client Systems Manager, Nick McSpadden presented Hyper-Efficient Mac Deployment & Management and our Network Administrator, Dr. Hoover Chan will be sharing tomorrow, Tools for Thought and Interaction: Breaking the Boundaries of Time and Space. 

There were some really good workshops that really resonated with me today:

Introducing Innovation Physically & Philosophically and Tech and Teachers- How to Build Successful Relationships 


I took notes on the two workshops and will be sharing my thoughts on a future Teaching Bites Podcast episode so stay tuned for that!

Workshop Description

ATLIS 2015

Here is our official workshop description:
“Dive deep into maker spaces with us! Curated from the experiences of three different school maker spaces, this session will help you think deeply about maker space design and how this kind of learning environment can thrive in your own school. During this interactive session, we’ll take a look at several critical issues to success, including how maker spaces reflect the culture of the school, how the environment influences the actions in the space and how students make meaning from the space. We will end with a discussion of where to go next and how to sustain the momentum. This session is appropriate for you whether you are just considering a maker space or have already begun with your own space. You will leave with resources to go along with the stimulating conversations!” We also shared our take on Design Thinking for our own schools.

Presenters & Resource

  • Convent & Stuart Hall, Schools of the Sacred Heart, San Francisco Krista Inchausti and Fred Jaravata (that’s me!) @FredJaravata
  • Dr. Julie McLeod, Director of Technology at Good Shepherd Episcopal School in Dallas, Texas @juliemcleod
  • John Umekubo Director of Technology at St. Matthew’s Parish School, a PS-8 Episcopal day school in Los Angeles. @jumekubo

Here is our shared google docs resource that includes our slides and websites for you to check out.

More to come tomorrow!

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