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030: Teachers, Just Don’t Do It! with Corinne Corrigan

4th Grade Just Don't Do It

4th Grade Just Don't Do It

Corinne Corrigan is a fourth grade teacher who has a unique experience where she started in the classroom and moved to the computer lab, started her family, came back and established our maker space studio is now back in the classroom–in a new grade. Whew!

We featured Corinne, and other teachers and educators in our Teaching Bites site.

I learned everything about teaching from Corinne (and Zoe Ley) when I was her teaching assistant way back. She continues to be a mentor and friend who has always given great advice and tips professionally and personally ;).

Come listen as we chat about her experience and get valuable tips to use in your own teaching and find out what she means by telling teachers to “just don’t do it!”

Books Mentioned (Affiliate Links – at no extra cost to you!)

Great Horn Spoon

One Crazy Summer

ATLIS Webinar: A Tour of Makerspaces in Independent Schools

makerspaces in schools

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of co-presenting with five other pioneering independent schools around the country through a webinar by the Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools (ATLIS).

Last April, Krista and I had a successful conference deep dive workshop at ATLIS’ first conference in San Francisco. As this was a very popular topic among school today, ATLIS invited us to participate in this webinar. The goal of this webinar was to expand our workshop’s ideas by sharing each of our school’s experiences online, so other schools that are thinking and planning for their own spaces, can learn from our best practices and ideas.

We shared our unique design of the Unkefer Spark Studio as we intended it to be a natural extention of our Schools of the Sacred Heart’s Five Goals. We rooted our studio with over 200 years of Sacred Heart Tradition with today’s Digital Literacy & Design program here at Convent & Stuart Hall. I will be sharing the link to the webinar replay as soon as it becomes available. Below are the independent schools that particpated.  

Educational Innovation Coordinator Fred Jaravata participated in a virtual tour of five independent school makerspaces…

Posted by Convent & Stuart Hall on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Laura Cole
Coordinator/Teacher SPARQ Innovation Space
Good Shepherd Episcopal School
Dallas, TX

Krista Inchausti
K-8 Educational Innovation Coordinator
Convent & Stuart Hall
San Francisco, CA

Julia McLeod, PhD
Assistant Head of School
Good Shepherd Episcopal School
Dallas, TX

Vinnie Vrotny
Director of Technology
Kinkaid School
Houston, TX

Laura Deisley
Director of Strategic Innovation
The Lovett School
Atlanta, GA

Fred Jaravata
K-8 Educational Innovation Coordinator
Convent & Stuart Hall
San Francisco, CA

John Umekubo
Director of Technology
St. Matthews Parish School
Pacific Palisades, CA

So, you think you can search?

Where Am I

Where Am I?

Imagine the following situation:  You’ve had a sudden episode of amnesia while on a trip  and have suddenly just woken up in a strange place.  You have no idea where you are.  All you know is that this is the view out the window.

You need to get your anti-amnesia medicine to prevent blacking out again and you need it fast.

Insurance will cover the cost of sending your medicine via courier, but you need to know where to tell them to go.

Question:  Where are you?  Can you find the street address, in what building, in what city?

For today’s extra credit--can you figure out what office number and floor to send the medicine?  How about the phone number?

Search on!

And remember… be sure to tell us HOW you figured it out and how long it took you to do!  (One of the points of this blog is to share the search methods and tricks we know!)

(And a tip of the hat to Andrew Sullivan for his inspirational “The View From Your Window” series.)

Copyright Review and Unit Quiz (CSM – iBook)

Unit Review on Copyright

Today, we’ll review Unit 1, Lesson 5 with the questions below. Then, we will take the Unit Quiz on the link below.

Excerpt From: Common Sense Media. “Digital Literacy & Citizenship Teacher Edition: Grades 6-8.” Common Sense Media, 2014. iBooks.


A Creator’s Rights – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Unit Quiz

Take the CSM Unit Quiz here.

Our Favorite Productivity Tools Pt. 1 (So Far) Podcast Episode

Our Favorite Productivity Tools

Our Favorite Productivity Tools

Here is our iTunes link and our Stitcher link to the episode

This is part 1 of 2 where Sharon and Fred share their favorite productivity tools. These tools in particular, are especially valuable for managing their own personal workflow. Join us now and see if these can work for you too! Have one or two tools that you like? Let us know! Please leave a review, rating and subscribe! Thanks!Resources


“Presenterator” Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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