Makerspace Learning Projects

2015-16 Projects

SHB K: Leprechaun traps

SHB K: City Models

CES 1st Grade: Scratch project with Ryan & “Cody” (Cooper)

CES 2nd Grade: Insects using Makey Makeys

SHB 2: Cubelets

CES & SHB 2nd Grade: Arcade (Cain’s) Project

CES 2nd Grade: Influential Women’s Project

SHB 3rd Grade:  3D Birds Project

SHB 4th Grade: Roof Lounge Project

SHB 5th-6th SCRATCH Project (History and Religion)

SHB 6th History Minecraft (Ancient Egypt)

SHB 7th Grade Science: Lego Robotics

SHB 7-8 Drones

CES 7-8 Podcasting

CES 7 & 8 20% Project

CES & SHB 6-8 Innovation Grant

CES 5th Grade: Earth Film Festival

CES 6th Grade: Volcano robot prototypes

CES 6th Grade: Scratch coding with coordinate plane

Coding K-4, SHB & CES

CES & SHB 7th Grade: Robotics Elective

SHB 8th Grade: Ken Burn Style Movie Project

CES & SHB 3-8 Coding projects


Spark Studio

Lego Robotics At School

8th Grade Quadcopter Project

Kellie’s 20% Project

Talbot’s MooreCraft

Elena’s Weather Balloon Project

Hour of Code & Digital Citizenship Day

Tech Time Out 2015