My Sketchnotes… so far

Fred Jaravata Sketchnotes

The past three months, I’ve been using the sketchnotes method of taking notes.  As you can see, it smartly involoves  hand drawn pictures/icons with written text.  This helps my brain with the listening, processing and visualizing the concepts being shared in live situations and audiobooks.  Here, you will notice a lot of notes from professional development workshops, prepping for our fall e-Pack/iPad rollout for our 5-8th grade students, a over the weekend survival class I took in the summer, a housing credit workshop I attended and more recently our annual school professional development inservice day with guest authors.

As you notice, most are “in-progress” and haven’t been finished.  I’m still trying to get a hang of this, but I’m liking sketchnoting a lot.  I hope to continue and learn more on how to efficiently get faster but to really listen to the speaker’s message.

Here is Alex Soojung Kim Pang’s book Distraction Addiction and his page  on Contemplative Computing.

Here you will notice one book about sketchnoting by Mike Rohde.

Here is Ramsey’s TED Talk on  how to spark curiosity

Here is Ellen Duetscher’s Twitter page

Re-post: iPadagogy Wheel

iPadagogy Wheel

[Originally posted April 17, 2013]

I found a very easy-to-follow infographic that helps determine which iPad Apps work well with Bloom’s Taxonomy and cover the different classifications of learning objectives.

Disclaimer: I did not create this great graphic. This was found at Paul Hopkin’s site: 

NOTE: After some digging around, I found that this iPadagogy Wheel was created by Allan Carrington and he now has a new version!