Rock Cycle, Compass Rose and Plant Seeds

Today, Friday, is my busiest teaching day. Well it isn’t as busy as traditional classroom teacher as my last class ends at 11:30am. Today’s schedule with their lessons:

8:45-9:30 4th Grade Girls (sometimes earlier/later as they come from morning singling assembly) Typing and recreate the Rock Cycle
9:05-9:50 3rd Grade Boys Typing and Plant/Seeds Brainpop Movie and work in partners recreating plant growth with a partner on a shared computer
10:30-11:20 2nd Grade Boys Typing and learning what a map is and its Key/Legend and the Compass Rose

As you can see there is an emphasis on typing as it helps prepare the students for their Middle Form (5-8th) classes. But there is an overlap! As we created our this year’s technology schedule, we somehow overlooked this and I was stuck with the overlap. Luckily, one of my colleagues (there are 3 tech teachers in our lab) takes over my first class while I take the 3rd Grade boys.

So, what do I do the rest of the time? Well, I am also the web rep for the boys school, assist both school faculties/staffs in their tech needs–which is the biggest part I do and sometimes the least fun, general/simple tech troubleshooting, budget, and student support as the older kids drop in during lunch, meet with administration, do future kindergarten/student tours and equipment checkout. Needless to say, though I am not as busy as a classroom teacher, I seem to get burned out at the end of the day. Its funny how my official job description doesn’t totally reflect what I do.

Happy Friday!