Our Favorite Productivity Tools Pt. 1 (So Far) Podcast Episode

Our Favorite Productivity Tools

Our Favorite Productivity Tools

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This is part 1 of 2 where Sharon and Fred share their favorite productivity tools. These tools in particular, are especially valuable for managing their own personal workflow. Join us now and see if these can work for you too! Have one or two tools that you like? Let us know! Please leave a review, rating and subscribe! Thanks!Resources


“Presenterator” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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My 6th Grade boys are moving along with …

My 6th Grade boys are moving along with their podcasts. After listening to some examples,  they created a mind map, research and wrote scripts.  They’ve been playing with Garage Band as they will use it for creating their podcasts. I’m still debating if they will ad images to it later. Probably their own created images.

They have a lot of great ideas/topics.  I gave them the freedom of choosing a topic that they are interested in. But, I told them not everyone can do all sports or violent video games.  Some chose movies, how to golf, how to pitch etc.

Some things to note for myself: time limit 2-5 min., use the podcast function of Garageband, email maps/scripts, recording w/o background noise, more collaborative work