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New & Noteworthy on iTunes!

Wow!  My wife Sharon and I made it to #iTunes’ NEW & NOTWORTHY K-12 podcasts! Join us at Teaching Bites Podcast, the unprofessional development resource where we share bite sized tips, ideas and news to take your teaching to the next level! – Here is the direct link to our podcast: woohoo! You can also find  us on Stitcher for Android as well as iOS.

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Re-post: iPadagogy Wheel

iPadagogy Wheel

[Originally posted April 17, 2013]

I found a very easy-to-follow infographic that helps determine which iPad Apps work well with Bloom’s Taxonomy and cover the different classifications of learning objectives.

Disclaimer: I did not create this great graphic. This was found at Paul Hopkin’s site: 

NOTE: After some digging around, I found that this iPadagogy Wheel was created by Allan Carrington and he now has a new version!