030: Teachers, Just Don’t Do It! with Corinne Corrigan

4th Grade Just Don't Do It

4th Grade Just Don't Do It

Corinne Corrigan is a fourth grade teacher who has a unique experience where she started in the classroom and moved to the computer lab, started her family, came back and established our maker space studio is now back in the classroom–in a new grade. Whew!

We featured Corinne, and other teachers and educators in our Teaching Bites site.

I learned everything about teaching from Corinne (and Zoe Ley) when I was her teaching assistant way back. She continues to be a mentor and friend who has always given great advice and tips professionally and personally ;).

Come listen as we chat about her experience and get valuable tips to use in your own teaching and find out what she means by telling teachers to “just don’t do it!”

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Great Horn Spoon

One Crazy Summer

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